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To lend your brand credibility, we have provided an easy way to add Testimonials to your site in a variety of formats.

Add a Testimonial

Go to Content > Testimonials. Click the “Add New” button.

Citation Source
In the Page Title field at the top of the page, enter the name of the person being quoted.

Enter the quote for this Testimonial.

Source Info
Optional. If there is extra information about the citation source that you would like to include, enter that here. Example: the company they’re affiliated with, their location, etc.

Photo or Video. For text-only, select Photo and do not upload a photo.

If you selected the Photo type, you can click the “Add Image” button to upload an image or select one from your Media Library.

If you selected the Video type, you can paste in an URL to your video that is hosted on a 3rd party service (ex: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Block – Testimonial Carousel

This block displays your selected Testimonials in a rotating carousel.


“Photo / Plain Text” – Display the selected Testimonials in the Photo format. If no photo is attached to a selected Testimonial, it will show as plain text.
“Video” – Display the selected Testimonials in the Video format. If you use this option, you should make sure all of the Testimonials you select have a Video attached.

Block – Testimonial List

This block displays a list of your Testimonials.


Display Options
“Show All” – Display a list of all of your Testimonials. Useful for a Testimonials page.
“Select specific Testimonials” – Display only the selected Testimonials. Useful for highlighting one or more Testimonials.

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